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7 Days to Vegas (2019)

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NR | IMDb 5.1/10 | 1hr 32 min

There seems to be a lot of 10/10 reviews for this full movie and while it is a good film, I am not sure it deserves so many 10s.


The film tells the story of an actor turned online poker player. He plays with other people in Hollywood and as well as the poker they will literally bet on anything. After he loses all his money in a ponzi scheme, he makes a bet that he can walk to the Las Vegas sign in 7 days. While wearing a suit.


The film is funny in places and I like the narration. The acting is okay and it does struggle a bit during the actual walk bit. I really loved the free download and twist at the end. You do not see it coming and for me it made the film. I got confused over who was a real person and who wasn’t. Or if any of them were.


Overall its a good film. Not one that you’d probably watch again. Not 10/10 anyway. Its just an amusing film that will pass some time. Worth a watch.

Stars : Vincent Van Patten, Ross McCall, Paul Walter Hauser

Genre : Comedy

Country : USA

Posted on: October 5th, 2019

Posted by: king

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