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Abnormal Activity (2010)

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N/A | IMDb 2.1/10 | 1 hr 21 min

In this hilarious in-your-face mockumentary spoof on the handheld movie genre, nothing is what you would expect, or is it? No matter how stupid or boring the footage becomes, Roger and Stacey videotape everything in hopes of seeing the spirits in action. Will they end up with a hit documentary, or will they find what ends up on tape is far worse than demonic activity? I never liked the Blair Witch Project, so I’m not surprised I didn’t like Abnormal Activity. Not once was I entertained. This page has abnormal activity 2010, watch online, abnormal activity 2010 free download, full movie hd.


The actors did a good job of appearing as a normal couple, therein lies part of the problem. They were just too plain. I don’t like following around a camera as it shoots nothing, goes into dark rooms and the operator doesn’t turn on the lights. If something jumped out, it would be different, but just scanning empty rooms is very boring. I would suggest not viewing this movie unless you have nothing better to do. When I watched it, I didn’t have anything better to do, but I kept pausing it to find something to do. Filmxy has Abnormal Activity (2010) Online Full Movie, Abnormal Activity (2010) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Lexy Lexington, Jason Gerbay, Kody Swensen.


I wanted to stop watching, but I was giving it a chance to get better. It never did; it got worse. This was easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I keep wondering how nobody on production thought this was a bad idea to produce. This spoof of “Paranormal Activity” is actually not bad, but it’s about 70 minutes longer than necessary. The acting of the two leads is quite good and the film maintains its tone throughout…with one exception. The scenes with the two paranormal investigators are unnecessary and way overdone. These characters are not funny and don’t contribute anything at all to the film or its story-line. I watched it on NF Instant View in an “unrated” version. The only reason I can imagine that it is unrated is that they simply didn’t bother to submit it for rating. It would otherwise be a PG. On the other hand, the punchline is pretty good. Just FF through the scenes with the investigators and it is worth watching for a laugh.

Stars : Lexy Lexington, Jason Gerbay, Kody Swensen

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: June 24th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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