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Ali & Ava (2021)

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N/A | IMDb 7/10 | 1h 48min

ALI and AVA, both lonely for different reasons, meet and sparks fly. Over a lunar month a deep connection begins to grow, despite the legacy of AVA’s past relationship, and ALI’s emotional turmoil at the breakdown of his marriage.Positives:
Ali as portrayed by Adeel Akhtar is an unusual screen character. Bursting with charisma, his positive outlook on everything and his willingness to step in and help whenever help is needed is quite uplifting. I wasn’t keen on his role as the scheming mayor in the recent “Save the Cinema”: I found the character plain irritating. But here, Akhtar delivers a wholly believable and touching turn. Both he and Rushbrook deliver a lot of energy onto the screen.The script follows a nice “show don’t tell” approach, allowing you as the viewer to unpeel the background to the story as you go along.Harry Escott coordinated the music and, although not always to my personal taste, it delivers an upbeat vibrancy to the movie. I was reminded of the vibe created by the wonderful “Good Vibrations”.The cinematography by Ole Bratt Birkeland manages to get interesting angles on Bradford’s rather bleak autumnal face, and the editing by Maya Maffioli is also very neat.Negatives:
In terms of ages, Claire Rushbrook (Ava) is now 50; Adeel Akhtar (Ali) is 41 and Ellora Torchia (Runa) is 25. I could envisage the friendship between Ava and Ali turning into something more, despite the age difference. But it stretched my credibility that the beautiful young Runa would be attracted to Ali. (At the start of the film, I thought Runa was Ali’s daughter!) I wondered if there was an “arranged marriage” aspect to the story that was going to come into play. But no. The script makes it clear that the pair met at a nightclub where Runa was a “fantastic dancer”. I just didn’t see it.While I loved the first half of the film, I thought the themes introduced around domestic abuse a bit heavy-handed and the way it played out with Callum a bit simplistic. (Note: potential triggers here for some viewers, although no marital violence is actually seen)Although it may be very accurate, it’s not a great advert for the Crime Commissioner who looks after Bradford. A low-point is the casual stoning of passing cars by school-age and pre-school kids. I noted in the closing credits that there was a marketing team focused on “International Distribution”. I hope for the sake of the country’s reputation that they are poor at their job!Summary Thoughts on “Ali & Ava”: The world depicted in this movie is a world away from my experiences, and I find it difficult to relate to. Many of those featured are locked in a cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity that I found depressing. As such, despite Ali’s charisma and ambition as an entrepreneur and the touching love story that runs through this movie, both myself and the illustrious Mrs Movie Man came out of this one in a very downbeat mood. Is “Ali & Ava” a well-made and interestingly shot drama? Yes, I thought it was, and the two central performances by Akhtar and Rushbrook are both strong. Is it one that I would rush to watch again? Nope, can’t say it is.(For the full graphical review please check out “One Mann’s Movies” on the web or Facebook. Thanks.)

Stars : Adeel Akhtar, Claire Rushbrook, Ellora Torchia, Adeel Akhtar, Claire Rushbrook, Ellora Torchia

Genre : Drama

Country : United Kingdom

Posted on: May 29th, 2022

Posted by: shadow

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