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American Fright Fest (2018)

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TV-MA | IMDb 4.3/10 | 1h 30min

I like all kinds of movies. They don’t have to be cinematic masterpieces or high budget films for me to enjoy them. This page has american fright fest 2018, watch online, american fright fest 2018 free download, full movie hd.

That being said, this was horrible. These 10 star “rave” reviews have to be fake. If somebody actually did like this boring, plodding mess it should still only rate a 6, maybe 7, tops. Also Filmxy has American Fright Fest (2018) Online Full Movie, American Fright Fest (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 

Nothing was interesting, yet I stuck it out until the end thinking maybe it was a reverse horror flick, in that the body of the movie was bad and the ending would somewhat redeem it (as opposed to the more prominent opposite). Nope.

The only thing I could think of that was remotely positive was Pancho Moler’s performance. I mean, I like Dylan Walsh, but even his character didn’t interest me.

No, this was lame, predictable (which generally isn’t bad in itself but didn’t help this movie’s case), and pointless to watch. The ending was just as bad as the rest of the film, and felt like it was going to continue for a couple more minutes yet just stopped. I couldn’t even handle watching it straight through, I had to break it up between two nights of viewing.

So don’t believe the 10 star ratings. If, by some miraculous universal paradox you did find this entertaining, then it still wouldn’t be worth a 10. I absolutely hate coming on here and seeing those kinds of pandering reviews since they ruin any kind of fair representation. Which is usually when I decide to add my own.

That’s why this is here. To let you know that this boring sludge fest is nowhere near close to being a “perfect horror masterpiece” no matter what your tastes are.

be very afraid. For what reasons you ask? Well that will be entirely up to you. Chances are the reasons will be the wrong ones – a majority of people who’ve watched this agree, that it’s not really good. But that is not my reason for voting so low. It’s because I watched it and unfortunately it really did not hold up to the title or a certain B-movie standard.

It does try very hard and I’ll give it a fair point for trying. But in the end all the effort almost goes to waste. The jokes do not work as well as the movie intends, the special effects are ok for the budget this had. If that is enough of course for your taste. It’s really a shame, because a lot of things might have worked better under different circumstances. But if you’re only out for “blood” (interested in many watching many different kills), you may get something out of this

Stars : Dylan Walsh, Romeo Miller, Madison McKinley

Genre : Horror

Country : USA

Posted on: September 28th, 2018

Posted by: shadow

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