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Astro Kid (2019)

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NR | IMDb 6.4/10 | 1hr 29 min

Despite being a grown adult, and this clearly being a kids movie; I definitely enjoyed this film. The animation and graphics incorporated into this film is simply amazing, and completely enjoyable to watch. Although the plot is a bit simple, there was never a moment of boredom throughout the entire film. Starting from the beginning, the film caught my attention and held it all through to the end. I could clearly see this film was well thought out with specific elements carefully placed with smooth transitions between important parts. This page has astro kid 2019, watch online, astro kid 2019 free download, full movie hd.


The characters within the film stood out, with well animated facial expressions and humor in the right places. The progression allowed me to develop a viewer-character bond, encouraging and stimulating emotions throughout the film – especially towards the end, when the main characters separated. This is a perfect, heart-warming film that can be watched with the whole family. Lots of creativity went into this film and the artistic nature of the scenery, characters and colorful combinations will draw your entire family in, no matter the age. Definitely recommend it! Filmxy has Astro Kid (2019) Online Full Movie, Astro Kid (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Timothé Vom Dorp, Edouard Baer, Marie-Eugénie Maréchal


The first problem I have with is the name the company who dubbed it gave. What the heck is “Astro Kid”? It just makes me think they were trying to cash in with the Astro Boy franchise. It doesn’t work, because there is absolutely no connection between both. They should have just kept the original name and translated it to something like “Terra Willy: Journey to a Mysterious Planet” instead. The animation is actually quite good for what it is. They wouldn’t have been able to go through with the budget bigger-name companies would for, but nonetheless still nice-looking.


The story is about… well I cannot remember. The story is easily the most forgettable part of this movie and if I could remember, then my brain would easily lose what it was about. The voice acting is also quite neat, in both English and French. Although IMDB doesn’t list many people who worked on the dub, we have Landen Beattie voicing Terra, and Jason Anthony (His name used to be Jason Canning, but he changed it) voicing Buck. Overall, animation and voice acting cannot save an animated movie like this one, especially if they have a story that I completely forgot about.

Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Country : France

Posted on: August 26th, 2019

Posted by: king

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