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Drama | Romance
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Kushal chakraborty, an honest police officer is framed in a black money racket by part-time businessman and full time gangster Samrat Sarkar and imprisoned, leaving his son in the hands of good friend Anwar (Kharaj Mukherjee). His image is maligned and he commits suicide in custody. His son Bullet (Soham) swears revenge for his father's death. Raja Chanda's Black has everything — a hero and his pretty girlfriend, a merciless villain, high-octane confrontations, corrupt police officers and henchmen who'd kill or die at the drop of a hat. What it lacks, is a strong storyline. In the end, it's all cat and mouse. It tries to be a lot of films at the same time — Dabbang, A Wednesday and Ghajini spring to mind — but ends up being nothing but an exaggerated action-drama with an abundance of punches and punchlines. The film drags in the second half as Bullet keeps attempting at revenge and his efforts are foiled by Samrat and his gang.

Posted on: May 20th, 2016

Posted by: king

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