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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

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TV-MA | IMDb 7.7/10 | 2h 2min

Breaking Bad is an exceptional television show to watch online. Although this movie is very unnecessary in my opinion, this was still a good watch. El Camino is a mediocre movie. I was excited to see Badger and Skinny Pete in the opening scene, but saddened that the scene felt more like the setup to a video game than a story worthy of the Breaking Bad universe. I don’t pay video games so that held no interest for me. It was a shame that we didn’t see them again for the rest of the full movie in HD. The scenes with Todd and Jesse were the highlight of the movie for me. Todd is an interesting character and the dynamic with Jesse is intriguing. 

I was quite bored with the Kandy whatever people and story line. I understand that Jesse needed money, but what a mundane way to go about it. Run of the mill shoot ’em up scene. I’ll shoot you for it? Give me a break. Yawn. Also, what a sausage fest! I do not believe that there was no way to work interesting female characters and story lines into this movie. At the very least, where were Skylar and Marie? Come to think about it, where was Jr.? Now that is what I want to see; how did they move on? What are their lives like now? What will Holly grow up to be? 

I would also have preferred to free download El Camino on filmxy and see what happened to Jesse once he got to Alaska. That is a story I could get into (provided they can find their way to writing some interesting roles for women). Finally, the flashback scene with Walt was a throw away scene. Added nothing. If you are going to bring Walt back, at least let him do or say something interesting instead of just making convo about Jesse’s future, or whatever it was they were talking about. I would have preferred Walt not be in the movie at all rather than force in a boring scene for some exposition. Too much hype, not enough substance. I won’t re-watch El Camino, but I will continue to re-watch Breaking Bad.

Stars : Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks, Matt Jones

Genre : Action, Drama

Country : USA

Posted on: September 11th, 2020

Posted by: king

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