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NR | IMDb 5.5/10 | 1hr 37 min

“Feedback” had almost everything to become a solid gold suspenseful picture. You get a controversial radio show host (Eddie Marsan) that survives a kidnapping, already disgraced and in flames with his current career going nowhere who manages to be taken hostage during a live broadcast. A mysterious team of masked people want him and his dubious partner (Paul Anderson) to reveal to their listeners the real truth about a secret they conceal that could shatter their careers, risk the lives of others and of themselves. Once the audience follow the notion that Jarvis Dolan, the radio show host, is trapped inside the building and under the threats of frightening people there seems to be a great movie ahead, reaching tense moments of gory scenes and psychologial terror that gets you hooked each moment goes by. This page has feedback 2019, watch online, feedback 2019 free download, full movie hd.

However, the producers followed the writers simplistic horrific idea that turned this into this pathetic example of bad cinema. While I was intrigued and excited by the action sequences (most of them really bloody, and there’s several times Jarvis and the group are always getting into a Mexican standoff), I couldn’t help but thinking about the insanity presented there, and the more it progresses the worse it gets. It’s all bittersweet. Some instances: it’s never explained how this group manages to go through a radio station with guns and knives without being noticed. It’s late at night, only a handful of workers left behind but there’s always security, specially if we take into account this is a huge building in London, and add to that the current wave of fear about terrorist attacks in the then upcoming days of Brexit – and add one more layer to all of that: the bloody radio host was taken hostage days ago (give him a bodyguard, man!). Since the movie didn’t provided the needed plot twist for a possible reason the group could get in, that cut the film’s integrity in half. Filmxy has Feedback (2019) Online Full Movie, Feedback (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 

The other half that kills the experience of “Feedback” is the whole radio show. For those who work on radio, surely they’ll know better than me how live radio works and how the delay works; but I couldn’t help but thinking how many times the terrorists delayed the transmission just to provide Jarvis how he should conduct the show; or when his rival joins him on air there are probably lots of technical difficulties going on there that listeners would find something strange was going down. Yes, the listeners realize something’s not quite right when the intruders start to their motivations through a phone call to the station without revealing themselves, and there’s a controversy that isn’t worth revealing about the main character and that’s when people keep wondering about a possible fake news from the caller (but never from their beloved host?). And how in the world a radio station is left alone to the techical people and the host? Someone there could or should have noticed the peculiar on and off air mode they went through the last two hours.

A movie like this manages to deliver great moments of suspense, violent sequences and make us wondering how things are going to end. Fine. But it also manages to insult our intelligence with basic stuff or for not working things more properly so we can have a decent movie after all. None of the actors are to blame, they’re all good but the script made me feel sorry for them because I guess they’d only accepted to be part of it for the money otherwise they’d have to find ways to turn down a plot that is so filled with holes and continuity errors. It’s impossible to think Marsan, Anthony Head and the young mates from the cast would jump on board of this trainwreck. They seem intelligent people. And to think one of the producers is the directors of “Hostages” and “House of Wax” makes me wonder why he wanted so bad to produce a film that the horror parts must overshadow the more dramatic elements that are impossible to be believed?

Barry Champlain had it worse in “Talk Radio” (apples and oranges kind of comparison but that movie generated more suspense and reality than this one), so Jarvis kind of deserves what comes his way. I enjoyed most of the stuff presented and I was hoping for a decent plot twist that never came. My feedback for this one is a negative one. Watchable for its whoa moments, brutally unexpected at times. But using of moments of unconciousness of a character to create a desperate moment of attention was too cheap.

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: June 28th, 2019

Posted by: king

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