Ghost House (2017)

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Not rated | IMDb 4.9/10 | 1hr 29 min

We have seen the typical horror movie from Hollywood. Jump scares haunted mansion and the usual dark scene in the basement. First of all, this is not the standard template Hollywood horror we are used to. Contrary to the title, nothing happens in a haunted house but everything is a wild goose chase to get rid of a curse. This page has ghost house 2017, watch online, ghost house 2017 free download, full movie hd

Th movie is not a poorly made remake of any Asian stuff either. It’s a Hollywood movie which happens in Asia, follows the Asian horror template closely and mixes a pseudo type adventure film with “National Geographic’s Banged up Abroad” cum Indian Jones metaphor, with reference to a couple trapped in a foreign country having a problem with something they unknowingly messed with. The movie combines the usual jump scares of Hollywood, an ugly old ghost and ritual ceremonies, commonly seen in Asian horror. The acting performances are decent for the most parts. The plot flows smoothly for a good execution. However, the film works better in an adventure “Indiana Jones” type of film than horror.

One of my main gripes about the movie is that the jump scares could have been better presented in a more scarier way, which of course is my own subjective opinion.Instead, it follows a generic method that has been used umpteen times in movies in the genre.However, there is enough suspense to keep u at the edge of your seat with the usual “what will happen next?” question. Watchable if u can overlook the horror elements and treat it as and adventure film

Stars : Scout Taylor-Compton, James Landry Hébert, Mark Boone Junior

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Country : Thailand, USA

Posted on: August 26th, 2017

Posted by: aragon

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