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Intrigo: Death of an Author (2018)

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R | IMDb 5.8/10 | 1hr 46 min

I think the actor’s knew they were going to be paid regardless of how the movie turned out. So they did their best. To me, I never forgot that I was watching Ben Kingsley, so what happened to his character? Actually, why was his character even there? This movie started out with an intriguing premise, melded into some totally unbelievable ideas and got lost when it drove on the wrong side of the road, so to speak. This page has intrigo: death of an author 2018, watch online, intrigo: death of an author 2018 free download, full movie hd.


If the intention was to make it all unclear and confusing then it deserves applause; but methinks someone watched Alfred Hitchcock and thought to themselves, “I can do that”. I’ll just make it original with some German accents and blue eyed chosen people. I will forget this one soon. Filmxy has Intrigo: Death of an Author (2018) Online Full Movie, Intrigo: Death of an Author (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 


What is Ben Kingsley doing in this piece which can hardly be called cinematography? A remote Greek island, a vast reservoir of water beneath a road curve and the death by punching pencils in eyes are the only leftovers from the boring movie but even they would evaporate by the next day. Loose characters, a sycophantic mercurial perpetually drunk protagonist and his stalker which should necessarily be lame all in their haze add to the general feeling of comprehensive absurdity

Stars : Ben Kingsley, Tuva Novotny, Michael Byrne

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country : Germany, Sweden, USA

Posted on: January 18th, 2020

Posted by: spiderman

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