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Jabariya Jodi (2019)

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IMDb 4.5/10 | 2h 5min

Jabariya Jodi is a story of vindication and realization of love between the bold & unapologetic Babli with the quintessential stud of Bihar, Abhay. Set in Bihar, it explores the unusual phenomenon of forced weddings with humorous undertones and comical events. It’s a love story that knows no bounds and which cannot be forced or arranged or bought with dowry.  


I loved this full movie! It was so cute! Hindustan Times and all the other Indian critics are giving the movie an unfair rating just because they didn’t think the characters had chemistry. Trust me, there was such good chemistry between everyone. I watch the whole movie online and if a jigolo like Varun Dhawan had played Siddarth’s role, then India would praise him for it. I would recommend this movie to free download from Filmxy, the love story was adorable.

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Country : India

Posted on: October 7th, 2019

Posted by: king

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