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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

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R | IMDb 6.8/10 | 2h 21min

Kingsman was a real surprise, a movie with a great story, fun to watch online, good characters, and a good villain and full of action something that unfortunately does not have this Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017). The villain or well the villain has silly and meaningless motives like all the other villains in the movies boring and mediocre action, why? Well, the answer would be that it simply makes no sense to his plan, to poison all drugs so that the people who take drugs get poisoned, and telling the president that if he legalizes the drug, she will give them the antidote, this is not logical, because If the president has agreed to his request and the drug has been legalized, by simple logic she would be left without a job or if she had killed them she would be without clients.  


That they put the drug addicts in cages is silly, they could simply put them all in a large cage instead of manufacturing all those cages, and that in the end they send the antidotes through drones and drop them there is illogical , because someone might grab many and instead of giving them the bandages or something, and I wonder what they did with all the cages when they released people? Personally, he also felt somewhat rushed about killing all the Kingsman at the beginning of the movie, I just say that Poppy discovered everyone’s locations relatively easily, and the emergency plan in case the Kingsman dies was to take a bottle of an alcoholic drink to the bottom so that they see inside the container where they have to go, but I wonder what would have happened if they had not finished the bottle? Well, thank God they did it, right? But what really bothers me is that Harry is alive, they just grabbed the emotion you felt when he was killed in the one and threw it in the trash, that the States Man has their bags to save from bullets to the head, I don’t believe it, it’s pure plot convenience. On top of that, the only thing Harry brings is to look bad, the movie literally ridicules him, and just like Elton John, let alone say it. But with all the above said, i free download this movie from Filmxy and that does not mean that I cannot see how good this second installment, if the violence is good as in the first, the tools are creative but convenient.


However Merlin’s death was a good thing, daring as with Harry, the moment touches you, I hope this time they won’t ruin him and leave him dead. In conclusion Kingsman the golden circle is a film that leaves much to be desired, because to tell the truth the movie did entertain me, but it contains a simplistic plot, entertaining moments of action, and it is something predictable simply the movie is lowered to the level of films of mediocre action that people love so much, but a little better 5/10.

Stars : Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy

Country : UK, USA

Posted on: November 30th, 2017

Posted by: aragon

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