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Ne Zha (2019)

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PG | IMDb 7.7/10 | 1h 50min

Really touching and hitting the heart! Facing the misunderstanding, discrimination, and unfairness, Ne Zha, a lucky kid beloved by his parents, insisted his virtues and fought against his destined cursed life. He woke up everyone’s softest part hidden inside deeply. No one is destined to be evil or criminal, love can release everyone’s true nature. I was feeling really great while i was watching the movie online.


The plot and its visual effect Ne Zha is way beyond my expectation of a traditional Chinese made movie, and trust me the full movie put many Hollywood products in shame this year. The dipction of the Nezha character is very inspiring and entertaining, which is comparable to some high quality Japanese manga like Naruto or One piece, I think this movie should be nominated for 2020 Oscar best foreign animation.


But i do feel like the focus was on the wrong character or should have been better shared between the two pill holders. Moreover the advancement of time in their physical growth could have been paced better. Ne zha is a story premise that has been told many times already but better. The thing that really stands out about this movie was its comedic timing. The humor was spot-on, organic and never shoehorned in any shape or form. At last don’t forget to free download this movie from Filmxy.

Stars : Yanting Lü, Joseph, Mo Han

Genre : Animation, Fantasy, Thriller

Country : China

Posted on: April 26th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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