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Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016)

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R | IMDb 6.4/10 | 1h 41min

It has been two years since Case Walker has re-entered the world of professional mixed martial arts fighting, but had grown tired of it. He now competes in amateur bouts in an effort to teach his opponents how to utilize their skills. After such a match in Beaumont, Texas, Case runs into Brody James, an old friend who is also an MMA fighter. Brody has signed with PFC Combat, a promotion run by Hugo Vega, in which Brody has signed to fight the 7-foot beast Caesar Braga for the PFC Championship in Bangkok. Brody asks Case to help him train for the fight, knowing Case needs to find his way back as well as attempt to help Brody go on the straight and narrow. Case reluctantly accepts Brody’s offer and travels to Thailand. Watch Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016) full movie hd on filmxy.

Case goes to the Top Fight Gym, where he already finds resistance from Brody’s other trainer Matty Ramos. To make matters worse, Case is ridiculed for his training by Cobra O’Conor, a younger fighter whose arrogance gets the best of him. During a challenge, Case deflects Cobra’s moves and uses elements from Gōjū-ryū to knock Cobra out. Case soon finds himself becoming a mentor to two up-and-coming fighters, Taj and Creech. Case’s pummeling of Cobra attracts the attention of Vega, who is revealed to have some sort of history with Case. PFC marketing director Myca Cruz begins to have a liking to Case and asks him on a date to get to know him, to which he agrees. Download free movies in bluray 720p 1080p without registration.

When Case has his date with Myca, Matty watches the two together and decides to use it against Case when it comes to Brody. Brody has been slowing down his training and Vega, in an effort to make the fight a success, recommends that Brody use steroids from his supplier to help him better himself. Matty tells Brody of Myca and Case, in which their date ends abruptly when Myca brings up Case’s time in prison, making him feel very uncomfortable. When Brody offers to spar with Case, the session gets out of hand as Brody goes too far, hitting Case in the head, to which he retaliates in a way he never expected. Despite apologizing to Brody, their friendship seems to have ended. That is until Case notices Brody using steroids. After training one night, Case and Brody go out to eat. It is then when Brody realizes his mistakes and apologizes. He vows to Case he will do things the right way and even tells Case that Myca would be a good woman for him. Brody and Case work together to begin training for the fight along with Matty, who thanks to an intervention from Brody, agrees to work with Case in training Brody for the title fight. However, viral footage of Case beating up the racist policemen from two years prior has grabbed the attention of many, thus causing Vega to realize that Brody may not be the one worthy of the fight against Braga.

Stars : Michael Jai White, Gillian White, Esai Morales

Genre : Action, Sport

Country : USA

Posted on: April 13th, 2020

Posted by: spiderman

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