Nowhere Safe (2014)

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Not Rated | IMDb 5.7/10 | 1h 32min

Watch Nowhere Safe (2014) full movie, the story begins with Ashley Evans (an affecting Danielle Chuchran) and her drama-teacher mom (Natasha Henstridge) are on the run in NOWHERE SAFE. Though it isn’t clear what’s happened to Ashley, she’s timid and frightened when she suddenly moves to a new house and a new school midyear. What is clear, however, is that the teen is guarded and more comfortable with being alone than with making new friends. And she can’t abide “mean girls,” bullying, or laughter at the expense of others. Little by little, Ashley finds that there is “nowhere safe,” and the past catches up with her. Free download bluray hd Victimized by two jealous and spiteful classmates from her old school, she’s in danger again. As her story progresses, Ashley encounters an eccentric but wise history teacher (Jamie Henshaw), a popular boy in need of an ethics do-over (James Gaisford), and another vindictive mean-girl-in-residence. Intent on making her new world “safe,” Ashley must stand up to her past and take responsibility for her future. 

Stars : Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Kennedy, Danielle C. Ryan

Genre : Drama

Country : USA

Posted on: November 13th, 2014

Posted by: king

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