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Out of Blue (2018)

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NR | IMDb 4.9/10 | 1hr 49 min

This movie seems to have split audience and critics down the middle which is why a 5 rating is probably correct. There is not much of a story here, its a basic police procedural about a female homicide cop trying to solve the riddle which is the death of a professor. Its maybe a tad overlong at an hour and 50 mins. This page has out of blue 2018, watch online, out of blue 2018 free download, full movie hd.


The cast and acting are spot its just that the story takes a while to get going and there is alot of weird visuals and symbolism between the colours red and blue throughout. Is this another movie I have to read a critique of before I understand whats going on? What happened to movies you can go watch and experience the full story in the 90 mins? Filmxy has Out of Blue (2018) Online Full Movie, Out of Blue (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: James Caan, Patricia Clarkson, Jacki Weaver


Anyway the tone is somewhere between a David Lynch lite without too much weirdness and one of Darren Aronofskys earlier movies minus the emotionally harrowing content. And thats maybe the issue with this movie, stuff happens with alot of nice visuals but it lacks an emotive punch. Worth watching if you like that kind of thing but it wont win over a mainstream audience, one for people who like challenging cinema with good cinematography.


First, Patricia Clarkson is her marvelous self. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know how to act or produce a solid character. This is indeed a mystery. Some of the flashbacks won’t make sense until the end. This movie is slow and methodical. If you’re looking for chase scenes or the big “gotcha,” your not going to find it. There are plenty of tracks to go down. Most lead to dead ends but have you thinking it’s the right one. It’s not a box office hit, but it certainly is worth watching on DVD or wherever you get your movies.


This is probably the most intellectually stimulating film I’ve seen in years. That doesn’t make it necessarily entertaining. Truth be told, it is a little too long and they could have sculpted an even better ending. That being said, the film is marvelous. The acting is top notch. This may be the best performances ever by James Caan and Jacki Weaver and it is a tour d’force from Patricia Clarkson.

Warning – the film requires some thought and the average viewer may find it difficult to understand, much less benefit from the film. At first blush it is a murder mystery, but then again, it isn’t, though in fact it is indeed. It’s the story of a daughter who knows too much and one who knows too little, yet somehow, the one will give birth to the other, in ways no one will expect.

Stars : James Caan, Patricia Clarkson, Jacki Weaver

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery

Country : UK, USA

Posted on: September 12th, 2019

Posted by: king

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