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I lost my mom this week. Before that I lost my job. The former far outweighs the latter. And you may have heard, we’re in the throes of a worldwide pandemic. If ever there was a time for “Tapestry”, this would be that time. I spoke with Writer/Producer Rob DePalo about his moving film. This page has tapestry 2019, watch online, tapestry 2019 free download, full movie hd.

*What inspired you to turn your life’s struggles into a screenplay and ultimately into a motion picture? I think at first writing about my struggles was a way for me to get my angst out from within me. Sort of like sitting on a couch and telling a psychiatrist, I basically used the pages of my story as a way to release the sadness from within my heart. After sharing the story with a coworker (Mike Yacovone), he was touched by what I had written and turned to his long-time friend Ken Kushner who was a film producer and the three of us decided to go forward with “Tapestry” as a full-length feature. Filmxy has Tapestry (2019) Online Full Movie, Tapestry (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Tina Louise, Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young

*When did God and His Love become genuinely real in your life? I had an epiphany when I wandered into a bar on Staten Island New York some years ago. I had hit rock bottom and really went into that bar kind of as a last gasp attempt at finding some comfort.

It turned out I ran into an old friend in the bar and he gave me a little tough love about what I had become and how I needed to find purpose through writing. I truly feel this event was orchestrated by God to help me find my meaning in life. What I thought at first was a crazy coincidence actually turned out to be the hand of God at work.

*Stephen Baldwin is remarkable in “Tapestry”. I’ve seen him in other faith-based work, as well. He always resonates as genuine. Never forced, or overdoing. Please comment on Stephen’s performance if you will.

I think Stephen captured the essence of the character which is based largely on events in my own life. I suffer from Depression and I know what it is like to want so badly to get out of a funk but lack the energy, the will or the path to get to a better place. Baldwin captured that sense of hopelessness so well. He is a tremendous actor who gives a multi-dimensional understated performance. He is every man that wants to do well in the world yet often meets with challenges. It is hard not to root for his character thanks to his fine work in the film.

*Tina Louise is a revelation here. Talk about genuine. Everything she does is so natural and unpretentious. Her scene in the park with Stephen is one of the most real and moving moments I’ve ever seen in a film. And I’ve watched a lot of movies. How did Tina come to be involved in your project?

Yes Tina was wonderful and much of her work in the movie was of her own creation. She was very instrumental in creating the dialogue for that and some other scenes. She also worked very well with director Ken Kushner who is a big believer in abandoning script at times for much more unrehearsed scenes. With someone as talented as Tina, it is easy to trust her instincts. After we had signed Stephen back in 2013, Tina had heard about the film and wanted to be part of the project because of Baldwin and the family-oriented and spiritual messages of “Tapestry”. When she read for the part, myself and about seven other grown men involved in the production had tears in our eyes. She was meant to play “Rose.”

*What do you want the lasting message of “Tapestry” to be, Rob? Particularly in the lives of non-believers and skeptics? Much like the character “Ian” who was played by legendary film veteran “Burt Young” I hope that some non-believers will feel the power and goodness of God which comes through in the film. Maybe people who have moved away from God like Burt’s character can lean back in the direction of God. I also hope that sufferers of depression and other mental illnesses can take some solace in knowing that we all have problems and they are not alone.

Stars : Tina Louise, Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young

Genre : Drama, Family

Country : USA

Posted on: June 30th, 2019

Posted by: king

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