The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

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PG | IMDb 6.3/10 | 1h 37min

This full movie should have been nominated for best animation 2016. Super clever, million gags, excellent and funny main characters… Think about it, a screenplay from a phone game, not easy to do. But Sony totally wins the day with this really fun plot. Red and his pals are great new characters, hilarious, fun to watch online, and the script did not miss a single trick or shtick. Cast was scree-min’ funny. Animation totally made me crack up. Please note that this movie has a sequel named The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019). 

Considering i free download this movie, it’s a feature length film based on a simple tower defense game for the phone, itnhas very colorful and creative characters, decently compelling story, is beautifully animated and has enough adult humor to hold an adukts attention span. Naturally it is not a gem forbthe ages, but with what they had to work with they did an amazing job at making a movie that is a lot of fun to watch and has so much more then just launching birds at pigs (naturally this happens at one point which is a proper call back to the games.).

Stars : Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family

Country : USA

Posted on: July 29th, 2016

Posted by: aragon

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