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The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (2021)

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N/A | IMDb 7.6/10 | 1 hr 25 min

I was able to catch a screening at my local film festival. Not knowing what the movie was about, I bought a ticket as I was super intrigued by the title. From the film’s title, I was expecting some sort of deep symbolic meaning from the film. It turns out the title is exactly what the movie is about. A blind man who did not want to see titanic, well, and a little bit more.We follow our main character, who is a film lover, especially John Carpenter and James Cameron. He loves Alien, Terminator, The Abyss, but refuses to watch Titanic as he considers it a turd. No joke. Our main character is slowly going blind and paralyzed from the waist down. Every day he talks to a girl on the phone, which is his only daily activity. When he realizes that her health is declining, he decides to go visit her.This movie is technically perfect. It is able to immerse me and show how someone who is visually impaired lives and how they perceive the world, and in that aspect, this movie already scored a 10 for me. The whole film uses extreme closeups and shallow focus and only uses sound to immerse us in the world of our character, we see nothing but our character’s face throughout the whole film, and not one single second was I bored. This technique causes every sound in the background to be heightened, immersing us in the film.This movie was so hilarious at points I couldn’t stop laughing, and I can dare say that it is funnier than many comedies I see nowadays. But don’t be fooled, this is also one of the most intense films I have seen in years.My only problem is the direction the film went; it could have gone any direction it wanted, but it chose the most anxiety-stricken path and placed our character in a situation he did not deserve. It upsets me that the amoral characters in the film never got the comeuppance they deserve. Besides that, this movie is such a great joy to watch, and I can’t wait and hope for more people to see it.9/10.

Stars : Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala, Samuli Jaskio, Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala, Samuli Jaskio

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Posted on: December 18th, 2022

Posted by: shadow

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