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The Cave (2019)

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PG-13 | IMDb 7.5/10 | 1hr 47 min

Feras Feyyad’s sobering Documentary THE CAVE begins with one of the most striking opening shots of any recent film. A city sits quietly for several moments. And, then a missile comes flying seemingly out of nowhere and explodes. And, then another. And, then another. But, this isn’t some Michael Bay Armageddon fantasy – it’s a war torn city. And, the ‘war’ isn’t being waged by some invading enemy — but, by the nation’s own leader. This page has the cave 2019, watch online, the cave 2019 free download, full movie hd.

The city is in a province of Syria that was attacked by it’s evil tyrant Bashar al-Assad (abetted by Putin’s Russia). But, THE CAVE isn’t a political film. Instead, its focus isn’t on the war on the ground, but by a tunnel burrowed beneath the city of Ghouta. Within those tunnels sits a hospital run by a hundred or so volunteers who chose to stay and help the victims of the constant bombardment rather than flee (or, at the very least, remain with their friends and families). Filmxy has The Cave 2019 Online Full Movie, The Cave 2019 free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle.


The head of the hospital is Dr. Amani Ballour and unmarried 30ish woman. Beyond the enormous task of running a subterranean medical facility during a time of war, Amani has to assert herself in a patriarchal society which takes a dim view of ‘working women’ — even her own family voices displeasure.

Feyyad and his team do laudable work under the circumstances. Feyyad balances the hospital and war horrors with the personal lives of Amani and her personnel. He doesn’t dwell on the graphic details, but, doesn’t shy away either (fair warning). At any moment a bomb can strike in the city and the entire facility becomes a full on E.R. (the tunnel also functions as a de facto bomb shelter for many). 


But, during the quieter moments, we see the doctors and laymen go about the mundane details like feeding the crew and trying to get the internet to function so as to keep open channels to the world above. The only real demerit is for Matthew Herbert’s overly dramatic musical score. The material not only doesn’t lend itself to such an approach, but, with all the sounds of battle and hospital work all around it isn’t required.

THE CAVE certainly isn’t easy viewing, but, it’s an essential piece of filmmaking with a subject in Amani that is worth all the attention coming to her. A heroine.

Stars : Amani Ballour, Salim Namour

Genre : Documentary, War

Country : Denmark, France, Germany, UK, USA

Posted on: February 13th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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