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Vampire Dad (2020)

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This film is a true gem. I went into it not expecting much, but I was disappointed when the movie was over. Not many films I’ve seen recently left me feeling that way; especially Davidson’s previous film “Big Time Adolescence”. “The King of Staten Island” was funny, heartfelt, and raw at times. Personally, I’ve always felt like Pete Davidson was the least funny member of SNL, but this film opened my eyes to what he was about as a person and where his comedy stemmed from. This page has vampire dad 2020, watch online, vampire dad 2020 free download, full movie hd.


I appreciate that the film doesn’t pretend to be something different than what it is – Pete’s semi-biographical story brought to life by a comedy directing/producing pro, Judd Apatow. The supporting cast of Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr, and Steve Buscemi bring some pretty great performances to the table as well. Great story about that weird part of life in your early twenties where you’re still not really sure what you’re doing or where you’re going on life’s journey. Filmxy has Vampire Dad (2020) Online Full Movie, Vampire Dad (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Grace Fulton, Emily O’Brien, Jackson Hurst.


It deals with living through loss, growing up and finding out your purpose in the world. I will recommend this to friends! It’s not structurally perfect, and can feel a little too scenic, focusing on the quality of separate sequences that do not add a lot of story. The big turning point starts manifesting itself as late as 100 minutes into the movie, and in the end the 2 hour and 17 minute runtime is a little too tall. Having said that, it is a dramedy that’s never boring, always pleasantly amusing. This kind of plot, I believe, is pretty predictable by default, so enjoy the substitute, the always-present-low-key-charm. As a 23 year currently stuck in my hometown and great friends with Mary Jane, I felt like an appropriate audience member for “The King of Staten Island”, and that’s what I meant with “relatable and wholesome”. Some might say that a big part of this movie isn’t about a whole lot of anything, but I beg to differ, perhaps the idyllic view on such simplicities tells a lot. I think it’s apparent Pete Davidson is a pivotal part of why the movie works so well. In what might very likely be his best performance to date, he plays a likeable, decent guy with a good heart and some troubles in it, plays him so authentically one could guess some of it comes from a place of past pain. But that’s not it, the supporting cast delivers well above average performances as well – do not miss the chance to see Bill Burr in a bigger role and rocking an impressive moustache, and the female counterparts for both – Bel Powley and Marisa Tomei, anchor the balance perfectly.

Stars : Grace Fulton, Emily O'Brien, Jackson Hurst

Genre : Comedy

Country : USA

Posted on: June 16th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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