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Violets Are Blue… (1986)

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PG-13 | IMDb 5.9/10 | 1 hr 25 min

I was vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland when this film was being made. I remember hearing on the radio that the production crew was looking for background extras for some early scenes in the film. I wish I had tried out for one! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this film, not simply because I love Ocean City, but because this movie is proof that a simple story, told with honest sincerity, can rise head and shoulders above flashy production values and overblown dramatics. This page has violets are blue… 1986, watch online, violets are blue… 1986 free download, full movie hd/


Spacek and Klein do quite well with their lead roles. Low-key dramas like this seem more down to Earth because this is how real people such as ourselves would act in similar situations. By wisely omitting any shots of the many high rise condominiums of northern Ocean City, the filmmakers have done an excellent job of portraying this as a small coastal town. If romantic sentimentality is not your thing, you’ll probably yawn through this movie. But if you’re the type of person to often look back and wonder “what if,” then Violets Are Blue is certainly worth your time. Filmxy has Violets Are Blue… (1986) Online Full Movie, Violets Are Blue… (1986) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline, Bonnie Bedelia.


I saw this when I was 8 years old. Since I live in Maryland, I was so excited to find out that a movie was being filmed in Ocean City. Its definitely one to see if you enjoy a good tear-jerker. Sissy Spacek is wonderful as Gussy Sawyer, the former girlfriend of Henry Squier (Kevin Kline). There are some scenes with the Boardwalk of Ocean City that makes me homesick every time I see it.

Stars : Sissy Spacek, Kevin Kline, Bonnie Bedelia

Genre : Drama, Romance

Country : USA

Posted on: March 8th, 2020

Posted by: spiderman

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