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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013)

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TV-MA | IMDb 6.6/10 | 1 hr 45 min

First things first, despite its marketing, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ isn’t a rom-com. Sure, there are occasional laughs now and then thanks to certain scenes that aim to inject a whimsical tone, but these unfortunately stand out in a movie that otherwise plays as a thoughtful family drama. And if you somehow missed the synopsis, be warned – the drama arises from the gay reawakening of a middle-aged man who has been married for nine years and has a six-year-old son. This page has will you still love me tomorrow? 2013, watch online, will you still love me tomorrow? 2013 free download, full movie hd.


We’re not sure any Asian film has so boldly explored such a subject, which will undoubtedly cause some unease among more conservative members of the audience. But if you are willing to put aside your preconceptions, you’ll find that writer/ director Arvin Chen’s follow-up to his charming ‘Au Revoir Taipei’ is in fact a thoughtfully drawn study on repressed sexuality that could well be the very challenge facing some marriages today. In what is probably one of his most nuanced performances to date, Ritchie Jen plays the gentle and mild-mannered optician Weichung struggling with his sexual identity. Filmxy has Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013) Online Full Movie, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Richie Jen, Mavis Fan, Chin-Hang Shih.


A chance meeting at his sister’s engagement party with an openly gay friend from his past, the flamboyant photographer Stephen (Lawrence Ko), forces him to further question if he should embrace his homosexuality. That test comes in the form of a handsome male flight attendant Thomas (Wong Ka-Lok), whom he finds himself drawn to the moment the latter steps into his shop. Meanwhile, Weichung’s wife Feng (Mavis Fan) wants to have another child, but gets suspicious when he continuously brushes aside her advances in bed. There is also some subplot about a workplace crisis that is meant to make her character realise the possibility of starting over in love, but it comes off more convenient than compelling. What rings true though is her nagging sense of fear and insecurity as her once secure life is threatened by potential upheavals both at work and at home. In particular, her outburst when she confronts Weichung about his sexuality is particularly heartfelt – and even as we feel for Weichung who has had to hide his true nature in a society largely disapproving of it, we also empathise with Feng who has to bear the consequences of his deception.

Stars : Richie Jen, Mavis Fan, Chin-Hang Shih

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Country : Taiwan

Posted on: June 6th, 2020

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