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Yummy (2019)

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Yummy is an orgy of blood, violence and fun in which a young couple travel to a shabby Eastern European hospital for plastic surgery. The young woman wants a breast reduction. Her mother comes along for yet another face-lift. Wandering through an abandoned ward the boyfriend stumbles upon a young woman, gagged and strapped to an operating table; she is the result of an experimental rejuvenation treatment. He frees her, but does not realize he just caused the outbreak of a virus that will change doctors, patients and his mother-in-law into bloodthirsty zombies. This page has yummy 2019, watch online, yummy 2019 free download, full movie hd.


Since a few years already, I deliberately stopped watching zombie comedies, simply because there are too many of them and the vast majority aren’t very funny. Of course, I had to make an exception for the very first zombie splatter comedy produced in my home country Belgium! Admittedly it isn’t much better than the rest, but at least it also isn’t worse, the cast contains a bunch of familiar faces (if you’re from Flanders, that is) and there are a handful of deliciously absurd and grotesque gory sequences, which we really aren’t used to seeing in Belgian cinema. Seriously, Filmxy has Yummy (2019) Online Full Movie, Yummy (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Ramon.


I’m still surprised this film received funding from the VAF (a Belgian governmental institute that decides which cultural projects receive financial support), since usually only stern and tragic family dramas receive funding. The set-up is very light-headed. The gorgeous but insecure Alison is on her way to a dubious plastic surgery clinic in a non-specified Eastern European country to get a breast reduction. With her are her surgery-addicted mother Sylvia and her clumsy and geeky boyfriend Michael who spontaneously starts vomiting when he sees blood. At the clinic, things go horribly wrong since the head doctor’s experimental rejuvenating serum actually turns people into zombies, and Michael unknowingly lets patient zero escape. What follow is a rundown of typically cliched and derivative zombie situations, while the lead characters get munched in order of obnoxiousness. There are a handful of inventive death sequences, but that is a requirement in every zombie comedy, I suppose. The funniest parts include the OTT Slavic accents used by renowned Belgian actors, and the fact that Alison repeatedly asks “├ža va, Poepie?” (roughly translated: “Are you ok, sweetie?”) every time when her blundering boyfriend hits his head, trips over his own feet or accidentally injects himself with needles.

Stars : Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Ramon

Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Country : Belgium

Posted on: November 21st, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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